Fans matter – if you want to get more marketing coverage, have your fans do the promoting. The Kardashian’s do that by promoting their fans’ blogs. This, in turn, encourages their fans to spread the word about them. You can do that, too. Tap into your current clients. Have them promote your business. A little word of mouth can go a long way in your B2B leads generation efforts.
Share your content in different networks (but not at the same time) – for example, you have an image that you posted on Facebook. A lot of people will be looking at it. The next day, you post the
same image on Twitter. Then the next day, you create a blog post about it. Doing that increases the audience coverage without producing an ‘overload’ effect. It will also help keep your brand fresh in the minds of your audience, making it easier for your appointment setting team to introduce your business to potential IT sales leads.
Create contests – gamification of marketing is quite the rage these days. It promotes your brand even more and encourages more interaction from your customers, as well as new buyers. The Kardashian’s know of this, particularly Kendal and Kylie Jenner (they are not Kardashians in surname, but you get the picture). They hosted contents on nail arts (which was part of their business), and the positive feedback helped promote their business further.
Use different social networks – yes, Facebook and Twitter are going to be your main social media channels, but you should also try tapping into a unique network. You can never tell what kind of niche you are able to enter. Your IT telemarketing team might discover from these places.
Promote like a family – if you notice the Kardashian’s marketing efforts, everyone is involved. You can also do that as well, by encouraging your employees to promote your business to others as well. The more employees you have that act as brand ambassadors, the better your company’s marketing efforts will go.
Be frequent – from posts, comments, or social media participation, it must be regular, worthy, and frequent. This will h

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